How to Buy

Lerif Designs leather goods packaging wrapped in indigo cloth with blue string and calling card


What is important for Lerif Designs is that we try to foster deeper relationships between people and the material objects in their lives. We are aware that people increasingly value seamless purchasing experiences where you can order something at the click of a button and find it later on your doorstep. 

We have nothing against this, but we have noticed that as we are more practically in reach of the goods in our lives, we become more imaginatively disconnected from their manufacture and distribution. A large part of this project is to involve you in the production narrative of the items you choose to take home with you, to meet the maker, materials and craft of that item. Through this process, we hope that the item we make for you will hold more importance in your life. 

Therefore, we encourage anyone wishing to acquire an item from Lerif Designs to get in touch with us, come by the atelier, have a tea or coffee, have conversation about what you are looking for and what you may be interested in. If you are not in the area, send me an email. Let’s connect. It may not be the most convenient, but I guarantee it will be more rewarding.


Lerif Designs leather goods wrapped in indigo cloth with card 'genuine article No. 160 Hand Made'