The Forever Belt

For the Forever Belt I wanted to create something which embodies the very definition of a lifetime piece. In order to last a lifetime, the belt needs to be sturdy and simple in its construction. The belt is therefore made from 6mm thick vegetable tanned leather with a solid brass buckle made in Germany.


lerif designs custom belt forever with brass buckle on blue background


The belt is skived by hand at the buckle end and the stitching is laid down in grooves in the leather to prevent abrasion.

However, I didn’t want a one size fits allbelt with multiple notches, most of which will never be used, but a one size fits you belt with one or two notches made to your measure. That way, we can ensure that the belt is only as long as is necessary and eliminate any excess.


lerif designs custom leather forever belt with brass buckle on model reading a book


starting at € 140

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